Quarantine by Jean-Pierre Martinez

Four strangers find themselves forcefully quarantined in what turns out to be an abandoned theater. Seated behind an imaginary two-way mirror, they are observed by another group of people (the audience). The allegedly contaminated strangers consider the situation. What virus are they contaminated with? What will happen to them? How and when will all this end? Little by little, we learn that this huis-clos takes place in a near future where Big Brother reigns supreme, and that the reason for this quarantine may not be entirely medically motivated.

English translation: Anne-Christine Gasc

Cast: 4 characters (male or female)

Book published  by La Comédiathèque
ISBN 9782377055814/ August 2021
48 pages ; 18 x 12 cm ; paperback.
Price: 13 €


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